Artwork Assistance

Artwork Trouble?

We have teamed up with MyHelpHub who offer a great insight in to all things print. There really is no better website out there to help you create a perfect print ready file.

The MyHelpHub services are intergrated in with our check out system and do vary depending on what product you are purchasing. For a list of what is included with each service please visit here.

They offer an extensive range of services from the simplest alterations to the more complex ones, the only thing they don't offer is spellchecking, proof reading and a full design service.

MyHelpHub also have a few other great features. One in particular is the Self Diagnosis section mixed with How to Fix Your File section. This section gives you the potential to spot your problem and fix it with out spending any extra money.


Our favourite part of the MyHelpHub website is the Jargon Buster. This makes all those technical terms that bit simpler! If you are still struggling with artwork or would much rather speak to a person about all of this then give us a quick call or a facebook message.

Still Struggling?

Print artwork can be tricky sometimes and as great as MyHelpHub is sometimes it's nice to speak to someone in plain English. This is why we also offer our own Artwork Assistance services where you can call or Facebook us for Artwork help.

There is so much to look out for and be aware of. Perhaps your having flattening issues or can't embed fonts to your print ready PDF.  We have 3 graphic designers all experienced in getting files print ready. We can fix almost any file and get it ready to go to print and we only charge a fraction of most other companies.


  • Adding a Bleed to documents
  • Converting Colours to CMYK
  • Converting files to PDF
  • Fixing Font Issues
  • Fixing Overprint Issues
  • Changing Artwork Size
  • Image Improvements
  • Reduce File Size

Our artwork assistance service start from as little as £3 although we do offer a mini artwork check for free of charge! This will check whether any of the above problems have occurred like the bleed or problems with colours. We don't however offer any spellchecking or proof reading services. Call us to book any of our services.